Guild Referral and Incentives
Guilds have been instrumental in growing the NEAR ecosystem. From referring interesting projects to build on NEAR to bringing in friends to participate in hackathons, the network effect of this community is huge!
We want to now formalize this process and give you more rewards for inviting your friends, peers, and projects and growing the NEAR ecosystem. Below outlined are the different referral programs available for guilds.

Grants program

The NEAR Foundation has launched a referral program to help accelerate projects already building on NEAR. For each project referred, you could be in with a chance of winning as much as $10,000 in NEAR for nominating a worthy project. In particular, we’re looking for new projects to build on NEAR or to integrate via Aurora

How to Refer Projects?

Simply fill out a form on our dedicated referral page, naming the project you want to be nominated, along with the contact details of who we should contact in the event of the grant being awarded.
Any project suitable for our Grants Program will be vetted by our expert team who will assess every application. Please note, projects already funded by the Grants program aren’t eligible, and there can only be one referrer per project on a first-come, first-served basis.

Business on NEAR DAO

The Business on NEAR (BoN) DAO is responsible for community outreach to teams that are building exciting applications on the blockchain, with the intention to make budding entrepreneurs and developers aware of NEAR and support themt to develop on NEAR

How can You Refer Leads?

You can connect the BoN DAO with builders by introducing them to their public telegram group. Telegram: @business_dao. If the DAO members deem your lead as “qualified”, you will be rewarded with a payment of 25 NEAR.
A qualified lead meets the following criteria: Demonstrable interest of the project to building on NEAR Project team qualifications are sound Use case of the project has alignment to core growth objectives - i.e more wallets, transactions and visibility
Read more here.

Education Referrals

The NEAR University run by the Education team at NEAR, has launched a limited period referral program to help accelerate the outreach of its various programs.
  • NEAR Certified Programs
    • Refer eligible candidates to signup for one or more Certified Training Programs available on NEAR University
    • Get USD $10 per person referred once they complete the course AND receive the certification
  • NEAR University Fellowships
    • Refer eligible candidates to apply for one of the many fellowship programs offered by NEAR University
    • Get USD $100 per person referred once they are awarded the fellowship
  • NEAR University Partnerships
    • Refer prospective partners to [email protected] directly
    • Get 1% of the total grant amount (up to USD $1000) once the recipient is awarded the grant.
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