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There are a wide variety of resources available to learn more about NEAR. While we can't list every available resource, below are a few to get you started on your journey. These resources are helpful for people who play all kinds of roles within the NEAR ecosystem, from new Web 3 enthusiasts, to experienced Web 3 developers looking for a deeper dive into NEAR. Blog

A great place to start is the NEAR blog, this has the latest news about NEAR, the broader community, and engineering updates.

NEAR University

If you're looking to learn more about NEAR, have a look at NEAR University, it has courses structured to teach you more about NEAR starting at a beginner level, and covering more intermediate and advanced topics.

This resource isn't just for developers, there are courses for people fulfilling all kinds of roles in the NEAR ecosystem, from enthusiasts to designers. Visit NEAR University to learn more about it.


LearnNEAR is a resource with guides and courses about NEAR. It covers topics about the NEAR protocol,blockchain technology, and also covers different use-cases for NEAR.

When you complete guides on LearnNEAR, you gain nLearns. NLearns, are an internal point that you can use on LearnNEAR. They are not tokens, and do not have monetary value.

NEAR Academy

This resource is aimed at developers with experience in Web 2, who are new to Web 3 NEAR Academy. It's an interactive course that teaches how to integrate blockchain technology with an application. When you complete it, you receive a certificate of completion.


NEAR Week is a community-driven newsletter. It covers anything and everything within the NEAR Ecosystem. If you're looking for an extra dose of NEAR-focused news, look no further.