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Projects on NEAR

Welcome to the NEARverse!

The NEAR Foundation Ecosystem Team supports builders with tools, resources and connections to accelerate their project.

What Ecosystem Team does:

  • Work with teams evaluating NEAR
  • Curate and coordinate resources from across the ecosystem to support projects
  • Monitor projects and developments in the NEAR Ecosystem
  • Share information and connect members of the ecosystem

Contact the Ecosystem team:

Branding Guidelines

If you're integrating NEAR, or working directly within the ecosystem, and wish to utilise the NEAR logo or further aspects of the brand, please refer to this branding page.

Community-Powered AMAs

The NEAR Community are always eager to hear AMAs from the latest and greatest projects building on and around NEAR Protocol. If you're looking to host an AMA in an official NEAR Community channel, please fill out this form.