Ecosystem Success

Think of ES as a router. We take inbound requests and output them to the relevant parties. This will be a living post that will update over time with improvements, feedback and more.

When a NEAR ecosystem participant is looking for help and doesn’t know where to start, they should be introduced to or reach out to ES. We will hold periodic check-ins with teams to make sure they are not blocked and making sure they have the resources needed to succeed.

Here is a list of various resources available to you.

How to work with Ecosystem Success

Ecosystem Success is a new and small team with a goal to eventually pass off core responsibilities to the community by way of a DAO. This means we are currently a finite resource to NEAR participants and have to manage our time effectively.

  1. A participant (term for people, projects or partners) has been identified by a member of the NEAR ecosystem and brought to our attention via one of our channels.

  2. Ecosystem Success is notified through one of the following channels listed below with proper context, project name, operating timezone, POC, their asks or blockers and next steps.

    1. Foundation Slack - #ecosystem-success channel

    2. Discord - TBD

  3. Set up an introductory call with a member of ES.

    1. ES will handle the internal assignment and POC

  4. Ecosystem Success will handle further incoming requests from the participant as needed and maintain regular syncs.