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Project Onboarding Checklist

NEAR Project Onboarding Checklist

Welcome to the NEAR ecosystem! Here are some concise and helpful guidelines to effectively onboard into the NEAR ecosystem.

  • If you are interested in exploring funding to build on NEAR, there are a variety of funding tracks available depending on what you’re building - learn about them here to find the right one pertaining to your project
  • Submit your project to AwesomeNEAR by simply getting the details into this form
  • Get involved in the community
  • If you are planning on fundraising, please submit applicable info here to get into our VC network. Submitting this will be followed up with an email to schedule a call with our head of investor relations, review your deck, and position your project in front of VCs. This will not guarentee funding from investors/VC's.
  • For support around technical aspects:
  • Discover talent to fill open roles and needs within your team
  • NEAR Ecosystem careers portal: here
  • Beexperience: here
  • Discover NEAR University talent: here
  • Check out the available marketing & growth resources in the NEAR ecosystem
  • Don’t forget to check out the NEAR wiki!