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Contributor FAQ

How can I get involved?

It depends what you are excited about doing! Do you want to develop on NEAR? Build tutorials? Answer questions? Expand our documentation?

We recommend you to have a look at our NEAR Community Page. If you are looking for something a little different, or you have questions, please reach out to the team on Discord.

How do I report a security vulnerability?

The most up-to-date information about security vulnerability reporting is provided in the core repo.

Does NEAR have a bug bounty program available?

While we currently do not have a bug bounty program, you can contribute to our development of resources through the NEAR Community. Additionally, we have hosted several hackathons; for future events sign-up to our newsletter and follow us on Discord.

Are articles (not NEAR specific) allowed to be shared on Discord or Telegram?

Links to educational content are allowed to be shared in the channels. If you are uncertain, please message an admin or somebody from the Team first; either on Telegram or Discord.

How are you building your community?

We are actively working on expanding our community. If you have any suggestions, or you want to help out, please get in touch on Discord. For long-term engagement, please have a look at our Contributor Program. If you want to build on NEAR, please check out our contribution guidelines.

Ask it on StackOverflow!