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Legal Resources

The legal space in web3 is a frontier but luckily it's one we're tackling together and in public. This section is meant to help gather resources for someone who is looking to get involved in supporting projects or for projects to draw on legal best practices.

The key disclaimer is obvious -- while this is a collection of resources, it is no substitute for actual, official legal representation or advice.

If you're just getting started with web 3 and want to dip your toes, there are a lot of ways to do this. The key difference here is that we do most things in public and learning is collaborative, so everyone can participate in some way and everyone can learn. Join office hours, read blogs, follow twitter and start contributing wherever you can :)

  • Open Law is working to build open source tookits and best practices for Ethereum. Follow some of their lawyers like Larry Florio from Syndicate DAO.
  • This is a mega list of DAO legal background resources (2019)