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Growth & Marketing

NEAR Foundation's Role Around Marketing Support

The NEAR Foundation is thrilled to see all of the amazing projects joining and building on NEAR over the last year. The Foundation has come a long way since NEAR first went live on mainnet, and has since been consistently evolving its approach on how it operates and supports projects in regards to marketing.

During the early days, NEAR Foundation took on the role of amplifying each project through the NEAR Protocol Twitter account. However, with the ecosystem growing at such a rapid rate, amplification and one-to-one marketing support for every single project becomes a bottleneck.

The role of the NEAR Foundation is to raise awareness of NEAR and to support projects in a way that is scalable and manageable, and as the ecosystem grows and flourishes, it is stepping in to fill that role.

In line with the NEAR Foundation’s ultimate objective of decentralization, it is adapting its efforts to empower teams to become the vehicles for marketing and amplification within the NEAR ecosystem. E.g. - NEARWEEK and its ecosystem marketing pipeline, or NearStarter and its partnership with Cointelegraph, AwesomeNEAR’s ecosystem dashboard and highlights.

Due to the sheer volume of amazing projects, it isn’t scalable for the Foundation to act as an amplification channel for all announcements. It is here to support and ensure the community has visibility into the tools and resources available to them to empower their growth. However, if you feel that your upcoming launch is a notable development for the NEAR ecosystem and would like to explore co-marketing with NEAR Foundation, you can submit the marketing brief intake form which prioritizes higher-level efforts that will help the ecosystem reach its North Star goals of a billion users and the seamless mass-onboarding of Web2 -> Web3.

The Foundation hopes that with the platform, the tech, and the access to funding, the ecosystem will leverage those resources to build their own communities and marketing strategies, and drive the growth of NEAR! Lastly, as always, the Foundation welcomes feedback on how it can continuously improve.

If you are integrating with NEAR or building directly within the ecosystem and wish to utilize NEAR branding, please refer to the official branding guidelines.

Ecosystem Resources

  • Project Growth & Marketing Toolkit - An in depth overview of best practices and proven strategies for growth & marketing your project in the web3/crypto space
  • NEAR Ecosystem Marketing activation workflow
  • Near Medium publication guidelines for top stories & project launches
  • NEARWEEK is the largest marketing & news platform in the NEAR ecosystem
    • Check out NEARWEEK's NEAR ecosystem swag shop!
  • NearStarter and their partnership with CoinTelegraph
  • NEAR Insider - NEAR ecosystem focused digital marketing and social media agency
  • NEAR Stars - Promotion of NEAR ecosystem projects
  • Flying Rhino - Social media marketing support focused on the NEAR ecosystem
  • NEAR NFT Club - Collaborate with all the developed and ongoing developing NFT dapps on NEAR. Join the discord to interact.
  • NEAR News Twitter Accounts - Curated Twitter list of the many accounts focused on pushing out NEAR ecosystem news

Community AMA Resources

  • Chill & Shill - Twitter space that aims to educate its listeners about NEAR Protocol and its ecosystem through AMAs, community, and educational sessions. Hosted on Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun by Wax.
  • Next Creators - a podcast interviewing creators forging a new path for themselves and others on the internet
  • NPKguild - events, AMAs, influencer outreach, translation, promotion & marketing
  • Ru guild
  • NFT club


The MarketingDAO is a Near Community-run organization of globally distributed marketing professionals, creatives, and NEAR enthusiasts who engage with the Near Community to facilitate the allocation of Community funds for marketing activities under $10 000. The Marketing DAO was established as a key pillar on the road to decentralization of the Near Ecosystem and empowers the NEAR Community to access funding for marketing activities furthering the overall growth and expansion of the NEAR ecosystem.

Interested in Applying? Please read:

Marketing DAO Handbook and Guidelines for Assessment Marketing DAO Proposals

GTM/Event Funding

If you are planning a GTM push or looking to host an event in partnership with NEAR - a side event alongside a major crypto event, a launch event, etc. - and want to explore funding opportunities from NEAR Foundation to support this, please follow the workflow outlined below:

Ideally, please try to complete and submit with 4 weeks overhead to allow for review

  1. Submit the Ecosystem Marketing Grants application form
  2. Create a copy of the Event Playbook Toolkit, complete the sections that are relevant to your event/GTM push, and email the copy to
  3. Upon approval you will receive an email follow up from the grants team with a milstone form to complete for the funding, as well as an invoice request
  4. After the event, please complete the post-event retro form for the remainder of the funding.

There are several entities in the NEAR ecosystem that can provide legal support in the web3 space:

IDO Platforms

A guide to launchpads on NEAR