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The NEAR ecosystem is made up of many different communities, each with its own vision and mission to promote an open and interconnected world. These communities include ones focused on gaming, marketing, music, art, and social good, among others. Among the communities listed are Afro Star, Codame Guild, NEAR Gaming guild, NEAR Marketing, NxM - NEAR x Music Guild, and The Merchants of NEAR.

The NEAR ecosystem is formed by many different communities. Each community shares a specific vision and mission related to driving a more open, interconnected, and consumer-empowered world.

Get involved in the various communities in the ecosystem:

  • Afro Star: We care for ARTISTS INDEPENDENCE, make stars shine digitally, physically, build YOUNG TALENTS and give power to FEMALE creatives.
  • Arroz Criativo: Creative space in Lisbon
  • Aurora Labs: Official Discord of Aurora
  • Clean NFT guild: A group working towards educating, raising awareness and looking at ways to improve the environmental impacts of releasing NFTs.
  • Codame Guild: CODAME sparks visionaries with playful workshops and an inclusive ART+TECH Festival, running since 2010.
  • Community Groups: Developer centric interest groups on specific NEAR ecosystem verticals dedicated to support projects & developer governance from the ground up
  • Createbase: Createbase is a community that works to support creative projects that are building within the Mintbase/NEAR ecosystem
  • Harmonic Guild: Harmonic Technology Guild lets you make your own NFT economy without worrying about the technical infrastructure
  • Human Guild: With a primary focus around incubating & supporting web3 gaming projects, the Human Guild is an open group of founders and creators who believe everyone should be able to earn what they need in order to do what they love.
  • HypeDAO: Marketing hype
  • INC4: Entrepreneurs and development teams looking for additional support, and any project looking to get started in the NEAR Ecosystem now have a reliable and consistent place to go for their technical needs.
  • IncubadoraPT DAO: Português creatives
  • Marma J Foundation: The Marma J Foundation leverages Web3 technology to support social good initiatives.
  • MutiDAO: A collective using blockchain technology & community building to nurture creativity.
  • NEAR Data center guild: Discussion around projects involving data & analytics.
  • NEAR Gaming guild: Community & discussion around gaming projects on NEAR.
  • Near GameFi Group: This group is all about gaming projects on Near, growing the econosystem, and support.
  • NEAR Insider: Helping with promotion, feedback, marketing
  • NEAR Marketing: A guild focused around marketing initiatives.
  • NEAR Meme Daily: Empowering the open community of crypto/blockchain meme content creators through NEAR
  • NEAR Stars guild: A community focused on getting near promoted by content creators like bloggers, etc.
  • NEARWEEK: Discuss exciting news in the NEAR ecosystem.
  • NEAR is NOW: The focus of this group is to help drive the mass adoption of NEAR Protocol through a consolidation of efforts to educate new users and spread awareness about ecosystem developments, updates, partnerships, etc.
  • NxM - NEAR x Music Guild: NxM is a grassroots movement and a community of creatives around Music and NFTs in the NEAR ecosystem
  • Octopus Guild: Octopus Guild is a community of developers, enthusiasts, appchains, and appchain candidates within the
  • Open Shard Alliance: The OSA is a guild of NEAR enthusiasts comprised of professional validators and StakeWars participants that are dedicated to contribute back to the NEAR ecosystem.NEAR Community validator guild
  • The Merchants of NEAR: Trading and technical analysis
  • NFT Infinity: NFT Infinity aims to redefine the NFT ecosystem so that everyone can participate, create, and make profit.
  • Shitzu Apes: A strong and vibrant community, built around a meme coin, is focused on driving growth and awareness of NEAR & Aurora.

Regional Communities

  • NEAR Argentina: A community focused on getting cryptocurrency and blockchain technology adopted in Argentina through NEAR.
  • NEAR Canada: To empower Canadians with the knowledge of Web 3.0 and NEAR technology.
  • NEAR China: NEAR China community
  • NEAR Español ( Near Spanish speaker community
  • NEAR Francais: NEAR French community
  • NEAR India: NEAR INDIA community
  • NEAR Malaysia: NEAR Malaysia community
  • NEAR Protocol Persian: A community focusing on promoting NEAR to Persian speakers
  • NEAR Protocol Thai: NEAR Thai community
  • NEAR Russia: A guild focused on the NEAR protocol russian speaking community
  • NEAR Turkey: Language and content support for Turkish speakers
  • NEAR Ukraine: With its current home in Lisbon, NEAR Ukraine is hub within a hub. The community is keenly aware of this. So NEAR Ukraine is creating an inclusive atmosphere in Lisbon, where local citizens, refugees, and expats from around the world can gather.
  • NEAR Venezuela: primary goal is to educate the Venezuelan community about the potential of the NEAR protocol and channel grants from the foundation to projects or members that contribute to the growth and / or adoption of NEAR in their locality / region.
  • NEAR Vietnam: NEAR Vietnam community
    • NEAR Developer Vietnam: To help Vietnamese developers learn and better understand the ecosystem and application development on NEAR Protocol
  • Sankore 2.0: Kenya hub, incubating & supporting projects