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NEAR Technical Speaker Program


In the Web3 ecosystem, there is an endless stream of events around the globe and the number of events is increasing every year. The demand for NEAR-knowledgeable speakers at these events is high, and our current model of sending core NEARians is proving to be unscalable. Thankfully, the NEAR ecosystem is full of knowledgeable, enthusiastic community members who are well-versed on the nuances of the NEAR ecosystem.


Please fill out the form below, and review the Terms & Conditions if you are interested in joining the next cohort of the NEAR Technical Speaker Program.

Cohort intake form

Terms & Conditions


  1. The NF will amass a legion of technical (and eventually, non-technical) volunteer speakers to represent NEAR across the globe at events, conferences, meetups, and workshops.
  2. To empower and enable these individuals, the NEAR Foundation Technical Speaker Program will offer guidelines, public speaking training, and a streamlined set of standards, principles, and content outlines for each speaker to ensure consistent quality and messaging.
  3. Later phases will include decentralized content curation/management, decentralized speaker selection processes, and collaborative coaching and mentorship models.
  • Engaged and active community of tech evangelists to represent NEAR across the globe
  • Regularly maintained and easily accessible set of standardized guidelines and “playbooks” for training, content, etc.
  • NEAR community members have a vested sense of ownership in the success of the NEAR ecosystem


  • Be recognized as a NEAR Technical Speaker across NEAR the ecosystem
  • Represent NEAR in your local community and region
  • Receive training and access to resources/information
  • Become a better public speaker


Thanks for your interest in helping spread the word about NEAR! The NF will be updating this page as the program evolves; you can check out the estimated timeline and phases for the initiative below.


The TSP is currently in beta. If you’re interested in getting involved as we roll out the program, please fill out this Expression of Interest form and we will get back to you when we are rolling out the program.


Program Outline

[0] Introduction and Overview: Meet your fellow cohort members and get comfortable

[1] Public Speaking 101: Becoming a Master of the Stage

[2] Technical Presentations: How to simply present complex concepts

[3] CFPs and You: How to write a talk proposal that organizers won’t be able to refuse

[4] Media Training: Learn what you can and can’t say when representing NEAR

[5] BOS(s) Level: Complete your quest of becoming an official NEAR Technical Speaker

[6] OPTIONAL Facilitator Training: How to train the next generation of NEAR Technical Speakers


SPEAKER CALENDAR - please submit your talk to the events calendar if you’d like people to attend or tune in!

SPEAKER RESOURCES - various resources to leverage as you prep for your presentations (branding guidelines, speaker tips, templates)



Technical Experts: SMEs, ecosystem project leadersLaunchedQ1 2023The initial phase will seek to identify candidates who are deeply knowledgeable about the NEAR ecosystem–experts within their respective fields. These individuals should require little to no training in terms of subject matter, but may need speaker/media training. These individuals are likely leading NEAR ecosystem projects or are strong community advocates (regional hubs, DAOs, etc.)
Web3 Experts: Web3 community leaders and top NEAR contributorsIn ProgressQ2 2023The second phase of the rollout will look to equip prominent Web3 leaders as well as top contributors within the NEAR ecosystem with the resources and talking points necessary for them to speak on behalf of NEAR across the Web3 ecosystem.
Local Experts: Local community leaders based on geoNot startedQ3 2023The third phase of the rollout will allow the NF to work with regional/local leaders to strategize and help establish topics and speaker notes that are most relevant and impactful within their local regional communities. This phase will be closely monitored and managed by the regional hubs, with high-level guidelines and standards provided by the NF.


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