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What is the NEAR Governance Forum?

What is the NEAR Governance Forum?

The NEAR Governance Forum is the living hub of NEAR Ecosystem. Here, NEAR Community members, developers, and the NEAR Foundation team come together to enable ecosystem participants to build something great and expand the NEAR ecosystem.

Much like the NEAR blockchain itself, the forum is completely open, accessible, and transparent. We'd love to have you on board (if you're not already) to help build the NEARverse.

The forum is a great place to meet creative members of the community, and find out more about how they integrate NEAR into their projects. There are active discussions about NEAR marketing, development, the various aspects of the NEAR ecosystem, and how to teach and/or learn about NEAR. The form is also a great place to connect to the different regional hubs for NEAR, you can connect with the community in your region, and find NEAR community members from all over the world.

One last thing before you run off to sign up, do check out the next page for the Forum Guidelines.