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Technical Resources

  • Theoretical documentation: includes resources for smart contract development, technical documentation directory, NEAR core development resources, and The Graph documentation for building subgraphs on NEAR.
  • Synchronous support: offers developer office hours every weekday where DevRel and Community team members are available to answer questions.
  • Asynchronous support: includes video tutorials on YouTube, active dev support on the NEAR Discord, and dev support on Telegram.
  • Specific documentation related to gaming: includes resources for developing gaming projects on NEAR, such as how to and game economies.

We understand that the tech/dev side is fundamental to developing web3 projects and taking them to the next level. Below are a collection of some of the most commonly referenced and most sought after technichal resources to help you get started.

Theoretical Documentation

How to Run Nodes



examples: Recur, Sweat


examples: Sweat, Circle

Asynchronous support