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Launching a Token: Key Considerations:

Launching a token for the first time is a make it or break-it moment for your project. Failing to prepare for a token launch can ruin years of product and business development work. Successfully launching your token can expedite visibility and engagement with your project, and also provide an easier pathway to fundraising and treasury management in the future.

Below is a suggested ‘order of operations’ for successful launching and listing a token:

  • The Launching Entity: A (Swiss or Offshore) Foundation. Whenever we discuss ‘crypto-economics’ we need to make sure we are in the regulatory clear to promote a token. Having this done from a foundation is an essential first step in doing anything public with your crypto-economy and by extension your token launch and listing strategy.
  • Public Information About The Crypto-Economy: To have anyone take your token seriously, you need to give them the details pertaining to your crypto-economy. This has to do with supply, distribution, emissions over time, function of token, and so forth. A good example of this is what NEAR did in preparation for their token launch:
  • Get Listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko: Once you have publicly available information about your crypto-economy, we can start moving to get your token visible to the general public: Exchanges, token listing platforms, marketmakers, and retail of course. To do this you want to list your token on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. Simply fill out the form to get the process started - and make sure you have accounted for all of the relevant information they ask for!
  • Engage with Different Launch Pads: If you are planning on doing a public token sale, you will want to collect a list of launch pads depending on the focus of your project and where you would like to eventually list your project. Many projects launch on exchange launchpads, and then subsequently list on those exchanges. Other launchpads are ecosystem specific: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and so forth, and harvest large investments from whales within their ecosystems. If you are deploying your token on NEAR you will also want to consider the logistics of making sure that token can be bridged back and forth should you choose to launch in another ecosystem.
  • Preparing Token Listing by Contacting Exchanges: A list of both exchanges and DEXs is available on coinmarketcap. Depending on your location and regulatory requirements (usually you cannot list in the USA for the first year), you will want to begin outreach to relevant exchanges for listing your token once it has launched. This can be done in parallel to the launch pad discussion, as oftentimes there is significant overlap between the two (An exchange will also have their own launchpad). Work with your investors, the NEAR Foundation, and other ecosystem partners to set up telegram groups or email threads that can get the relevant information in place for a successful listing plan.
  • Aligning Market Makers: In order to ensure that there is liquidity for your token to trade with, you want to make sure that you have signed market makers for when your token launches. Top market makers include GSR, Wintermute and Amber, however many exist. Be sure to ask for recommendations from your investors and to double check any agreements as to the conditions for how they hold and manage your token over time.
  • Market Making Accountability Mechanisms: A new up-and-coming service in crypto is accountability tools and mechanisms for market makers. Services such as Glassmarkets can guarantee that there is transparency in how a market maker handles your tokens.
  • Token Listing Strategy: Once you have aligned market makers and potential listing partners (be it DEX or CEX), you want to strategically decide where to list first - keep in mind that listing on too many platforms too quickly may limit liquidity and trading potential.
  • Cycle Timing: Crypto is still young enough that the macro cycle of bull and bear market has a significant impact on the performance of a token; its volume, price action, and volatility. Timing out when you launch your token is essential to guaranteeing that it has room to grow and will not inadvertently be dumped by an impending bear market. Check what stage of the crypto market is in, and get insight from investors on how they see the market evolving in the coming months - specifically as it pertains to liquidity in-flows, and significant events (like the Bitcoin Halving).