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✨ Astro DAO

Astro (SputnikDAO V2)

Astro builds on the foundations of SputnikDAO V1 and widely expands the functionality of DAOs built atop it. Features shipped with Astro include:

  • Flexible, role-based voting policies
  • Stable coin payouts
    • This reduces the uncertainty imposed by crypto volatility between proposal requests and payouts
  • Polling system for governance
  • Electing representatives
  • Cross-DAO accountability
    • DAOs can serve as members of other DAOs
    • DAOs can own each other's social tokens for shared investment in collaboration.

Astro truly is the next evolution of SputnikDAO and comes with a host of new features, more flexibility, and a friendly UI.

With Astro, DAOs will be able to retain more autonomy and, importantly, cast the net further in regards to governance through increased flexibility and the introduction of governance tokens.

Despite the revamped user experience and broadened feature set, the goal of Astro remains the same; to empower communities within the NEAR ecosystem.

With Astro you can discover existing DAOs, launch your own DAO, and participate in DAO governance. All you need is a NEAR account to start using Astro.