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NEAR Tasks


  • A new gig-economy platform powered by NEAR BOS that gives anyone the opportunity to quickly and easily earn $NEAR.
  • It is a way to bring more users into the Web3 space and understand what tasks they are willing to complete to earn crypto.

What it is:

NEAR Tasks is an exciting new platform powered by NEAR's Blockchain Operating System (BOS) that allows anyone to earn $NEAR just by completing simple tasks. Designed for creatives, remote workers, and anyone interested in participating in the gig economy, NEAR Tasks open up the crypto economy to everyone, making it easy to start earning crypto anytime, anywhere.

Why it matters:

The crypto space has felt inaccessible to much of the population. While there is often significant interest, people find it difficult to understand how they can get or earn crypto, what they can do with it, and why it matters. This has created a challenge for bringing large numbers of people into the space and continues to serve as a limit to its potential growth. To overcome this, it’s important to develop experiences that both feel familiar to potential users, and serve a real purpose for them. That’s where NEAR Tasks comes in.

NEAR Tasks enables people to do what many people are already doing, earning money in the gig economy by working simple tasks. But rather than having this pass through third parties, it is a fully decentralized crypto based earning experience. The platform offers three unique experiences (see below), each focused on a specific use case, meant to demonstrate how flexible users can be when delivering work for a varying array of skill sets. Each task type can help show how motivated users are to complete work items of varying complexity in order to earn $NEAR. The goal is to have NEAR Tasks become a decentralized and self governing work distribution platform.

Who it’s for:

  • Everyone - NEAR Tasks is for creatives, remote workers, and anyone interested in participating in a new, crypto based, gig economy.

How it works:

  1. Sign up
    • Users (also referred to as Taskers) sign up for a NEAR account using FastAuth or connect an existing NEAR Wallet.
    • All Tasks stats (tasks completed / earnings accumulated / quality score) are linked to a specific NEAR account.
  2. Accessing tasks
    • Taskers access tasks associated with a scanned QR code.
    • They can also scroll the task feed which showcases all available task types and their associated requirements to complete.
  3. Task completion
    • Once a task is claimed, a Tasker must complete it within the live session and upon submission, their earnings will appear as ‘pending’ until verified by another Tasker that picks up their task for review.
  4. Feedback
    • Stats for Taskers run in the background, enabling them to see how they are doing and what improvements can be made next time - in the event a task is marked as incorrect.
    • To prevent spam/bad actors, Taskers must earn a minimum amount of $NEAR and have >85% quality score to withdraw funds.

Types of tasks:

  • Image Labeling – data verification
    • Taskers are prompted to write a high level overview of an image and then select several points within the image to describe before submitting for review. The review process consists of a new user analyzing the image and descriptions provided by the initial user to determine if it’s accurate.
  • Writing a hot take from the conference – data aggregation
    • Taskers are prompted to share a brief thought about what they learned from the conference to increase information sharing (e.g. a key takeaway from a panel discussion, a conversation they had with someone in passing, something they learned at a booth, etc). The review process is to detect if the entry should be considered as spam.
  • Sharing a photo to twitter with specific tags – social activation
    • To encourage a fun and engaging way to create user generated content, Taskers are prompted to take a photo with the NEAR logo in the background, share it to twitter, tag @NEARProtocol, and use the hashtag #EarnWithNEARTasks. The review process is to ensure the NEAR logo is present in the photo and the correct tags are used.

What’s next:

  • Following Consensus, our aim is to initiate an intense Beta testing phase where we will collaborate with specific user groups and gather feedback before making the platform available to everyone.
  • The long term goal is to establish an interactive two-sided marketplace, where tasks encompassing a variety of skill levels are provided by companies, and Taskers are matched according to their proven abilities.
  • As part of the long term roadmap, the $NEAR earned by Taskers will serve as an incentive to explore financial literacy content and tools, with the primary objective of encouraging users to discover practical applications for their $NEAR, rather than merely converting it to fiat currency.