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Blockchain Operating System (BOS)

The OS for an open web


  • A new OS, built for a more free and open web, that is inherently secure, decentralized, easy to develop on, easy to onboard to, accessible to everyone, open source, and transparent.
  • It removes the complexity from Web3 by allowing developers to build on any chain while having their apps be easily discoverable, and giving users a single identity across every experience that they can set up without any crypto.

What it is:

Built to be an open source alternative to Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, & Microsoft, the BOS is a secure, transparent, and accessible, carbon neutral platform that clears out the complexity of the Web3 space. The BOS removes the challenge of blockchain development by allowing developers to build on any chain, code in familiar languages, and use thousands of components to create innovative apps that are easy to distribute and get discovered. It gives users the ability to connect directly with an ever growing number of people, communities, and apps, while maintaining control over their data, without needing any crypto to get started. And it opens up a broad range of new capabilities and revenue streams to enterprises without the need for Web3 expertise.

Why it matters:

The current digital world is built on a centralized model in which a handful of large companies control much of the web, limiting accessibility, diversity, and creativity. This harms developers and users alike by creating an environment in which the main measure of success is the amount of data you control rather than by the quality of the apps and experiences you create. It is a system that benefits the few rather than the many.

The promise of Web3 was to push back against this centralized system, but one of its biggest virtues, decentralization, has also been one of its biggest challenges. To choose to develop in the Web3 space developers had to learn complicated languages, and choose a specific blockchain with the hope that their project would be found. This made it complicated, and unappealing, for developers to enter the space, which in turn resulted in a lack of real use cases being developed, keeping mainstream adoption little more than a dream. The BOS changes all of that.

The BOS unites the Web3 space by allowing developers to build on any blockchain while removing the complexity of swaps, exchanges, and multiple logins and identities. It also makes it possible for developers of all backgrounds to get started building right away with composable apps and the ability to code in Javascript. Its focus on simplicity, easy onboarding without the need for crypto, and discoverability benefits developers, enterprises, and users alike. And with a focus on projects that bring real value to end users, the BOS opens the door to true mainstream adoption of Web3.

Who it’s for:

  • Developers - BOS provides developers with an easy to use, secure, and highly distributed Web3 gateway. They can quickly build apps on a decentralized front end using pre-existing components and a familiar coding experience. With just a few lines of Javascript developers can build on any chain, get their projects easily discovered, and seamlessly onboard users.
  • Enterprises - Enterprises can easily build new technological capabilities, roll out new products and experiences that increase user engagement, and create opportunities for new revenue. With seamless onboarding everything can be up and running quickly, removing barriers for entry for both enterprises and their users.
  • End-users - With simple onboarding without the need for crypto, a robust ecosystem of apps, and an engaged and growing community, the BOS provides users an easy entry point in a better digital world that gives them the user experiences they’ve come to expect, along with privacy, control over their data, and the ability to connect directly with other people and communities while having their voices be heard.


  • FastAuth
    • A seamless web2 style onboarding experience that allows users to easily create an account for any app on the BOS without the need for crypto. It dramatically lowers the threshold for adoption and opens the door to bringing billions of web2 users into the web3 space.
  • Gateways
    • Access points for web 3 apps that allow developers to quickly add, and easily maintain, new experiences and functionality to their apps. It adds more value for end-users, simplifies development, and provides developers more entry points for their apps, increasing discoverability.
  • Developer Enablement
    • Built for any developer interested in open-source and decentralization, not only Web3 natives. It creates an accessible entry point for BOS with a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities to get developers started quickly.
  • Universal Search
    • A comprehensive search experience that is able to help users quickly find everything apps and components to people to connect with. It increases discoverability and usability in BOS by providing users with a Web2 style search experience.
  • Trust and Safety Content Moderation
    • A scalable, decentralized content moderation system built on the BOS for Web3 platforms with a focus on automation, user experience and adherence to legal requirements. It provides users with features that enable them to govern their own online experience.
  • NEAR Tasks
    • A new gig-economy platform powered by NEAR BOS that gives anyone the opportunity to quickly and easily earn $NEAR. It is a way to bring more users into the Web3 space and understand what tasks they are willing to complete to earn crypto.