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Funding Resources

This page aims to provide an overview of the various options available for builders and teams looking to secure funding for their projects within NEAR's exciting and rapidly evolving ecosystem. From VC funding to specialized grants and accelerator programs, there are a wide range of options to explore. Whether you're just starting out with a new idea or are looking to scale an existing project, this page should provide useful information and guidance around funding opportunities for your needs.


Metaweb is a global venture fund focused on early stage crypto projects. In particular, Metaweb specializes in projects and business building within the NEAR ecosystem (NEAR-native, Aurora, Octopus, and more in the future).


Backer Network

NEAR Foundation’s Backer Network is a global and diverse network of nearly 300 VCs, angels, advisors, and mentors with a common goal of externally accelerating the growth of the NEAR ecosystem. These backers represent over $20 billion in capital and provide a range of ecosystem support from external capital for fundraising, liquidity providing, advisory services, mentorship, and more.

If you are an investor and interested in learning more about participating within the NEAR backer network, please complete the following form to ensure the details are captured by Corey Pigott, Strategic Funding Manager at NEAR, who will be in touch. If you would like to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up to date on the NEAR ecosystem, please subscribe here.


The MarketingDAO is a Near Community-run organization of globally distributed marketing professionals, creatives, and NEAR enthusiasts who engage with the Near Community to facilitate the allocation of Community funds for marketing activities under $10 000. The Marketing DAO was established as a key pillar on the road to decentralization of the Near Ecosystem and empowers the NEAR Community to access funding for marketing activities furthering the overall growth and expansion of the NEAR ecosystem.

Interested in Applying? Please read:

Marketing DAO Handbook and Guidelines for Assessment Marketing DAO Proposals

GTM/Event Funding

If you are planning a GTM push or looking to host an event in partnership with NEAR - a side event alongside a major crypto event, a launch event, etc. - and want to explore funding opportunities from NEAR Foundation to support this, please follow the workflow outlined below:

Ideally, please try to complete and submit with 4 weeks overhead to allow for review

  1. Submit the Ecosystem Marketing Grants application form
  2. Create a copy of the Event Playbook Toolkit, complete the sections that are relevant to your event/GTM push, and email the copy to
  3. Upon approval you will receive an email follow up from the grants team with a milstone form to complete for the funding, as well as an invoice request
  4. After the event, please complete the post-event retro form for the remainder of the funding.

Open Web Collective (OWC)

Open Web Collective is an early-stage investor, accelerator program, and supportive community for blockchain and web3 startups. OWC is protocol-agnostic with the goal of removing the hurdles of web3 company building and making the journey into the blockchain revolution easier for promising builders.