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NEAR Project Onboarding Checklist

πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the NEAR project onboarding checklist ! The purpose of this document is to help you navigate through your journey on NEAR. Below is a list of key information and items for you to use in order to be successful.

The checklist is divided into 3 parts :


βš™οΈGrants Process
πŸ‘₯Community Engagement
πŸ“ˆTeam & Project Growth
πŸ’°Funding Beyond Grants

🏁 To Start Your Journey​



Connect with the NEAR Ecosystem

Engage with the community, follow the latest news, insights and to get to know the community better.πŸ‘₯
Explore the NEAR ecosystem, and connect with other projectsKnow the ecosystem better and find potential collaboratorsπŸ‘₯
Join communities and guilds near youEngage with a NEAR community around you and bond with projects that can partner with youπŸ‘₯

βš’οΈ While you are building​



Get your project on Awesome NEARList your project on Awesome NEAR to gain visibilityπŸ‘₯
Submit major roadmap dates to NEARWEEK’s calendarLet the ecosystem know what's coming up, and to gain visibilityπŸ‘₯
Tech Support

Provide resources for projects that require technical support.⛑️
Marketing / Community / Events

Provide resources for projects that require marketing support.⛑️

General support , Growth and MarketingNEAR Wiki provides general support.⛑️

πŸš€ Once your project is built out​



Connect with the community on various channels in our ecosystem

Give a shout-out about your project, get the community engaged, and gain traction.πŸ‘₯
Participate in pitch competitions
(NEARWEEK, - Coming Soon ⏳)
Let others know about your project; be prepared to connect with VC’s.πŸ‘₯
Discover talent to fill open roles and needs within your team

Hire the right people to expand your team and project.πŸ“ˆ
Connect and get in touch with :

Validate; develop product-market fit; and to help projects launch on NEAR.πŸ“ˆ
Fill out the VC network referral form
Once you are ready to raise, join the network of VCπŸ’°