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NEAR Project Onboarding Checklist

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  • Communities to join when you start
  • Support networks while you are building
  • Networking and Marketing support once your project is built out

๐Ÿ‘‹ Greetings! Welcome to the NEAR ecosystem, it's very exciting to have you here! This invaluable project onboarding checklist has been curated to guide you seamlessly through your journey of building on NEAR. This document includes a treasure trove of critical information and resources, designed not only to integrate you into the vibrant NEAR ecosystem, but to also ensure your project is successful on NEAR!

Let this checklist serve as your compass while you build out your project on NEAR. With it, you can confidently navigate the exciting landscape of NEAR, knowing you have great tools and resources at your disposal to build, thrive, and make your mark within the NEAR ecosystem!

The checklist is divided into 3 parts :

๐Ÿ To Start Your Journeyโ€‹



Join the NEAR community & get involved:

Stay up to date on the latest news, insights, and to get to know the community better.
Create a profile for your project on NEAR Horizon, and explore other projects building in the NEAR Ecosystem!Ensure your project is on NEARโ€™s ecosystem dashboard for discoverability by community, as well as VCs/backers and other founders. Know the ecosystem better and find potential collaborators!
Learn about NEARโ€™s Blockchain Operating System, whatโ€™s being built on BOS & how to build on BOS:
BOS Overview | Projects Building on BOS | EVM Decentralised Frontends | BOS Dev Docs
NEAR's Blockchain Operating System (BOS) is an industry-first platform that serves as a common layer for deploying, browsing and discovering open web experiences, compatible with any blockchain
Join relevant NEAR Builder Groups as well as NEAR CommunitiesGet involved in discussions around the vertical you're building in, and also Engage with a NEAR community around you and bond with projects that can partner with you!

โš’๏ธ While you are buildingโ€‹



Reference the NEAR Wiki for resources around Legal, Growth & Marketing, Tools/Infrastructure, and moreNEAR Wiki provides general support
Check out some previous and upcoming workshops on how to build on NEAR and what tools are available - nearworkshops.comLearn in real time how to build on NEAR and/or integrate infrastructure & tools available on NEAR
Submit major roadmap dates to NEARWEEKโ€™s calendarLet the ecosystem know what's coming up, and to gain visibility
Technical Support

Provide resources for projects that require technical support
Refer to NEARโ€™s Branding Toolkit for any posts & content you create/put out including NEAR. Go crazy with the BuiltOnNEAR badge!Ensure you are using the most up to date logos & graphics
Marketing / Community / Events

Resources for projects to leverage for marketing & awareness

๐Ÿš€ Once you have completed your projectโ€‹



Shout out & discuss your project in the NEAR community

Give a shout-out about your project, get the community engaged, and gain traction
Ensure your project profile is updated and complete on NEAR Horizon
Ensure VCs, other founders, and community
Get some tutorials / learn2earn campaigns up!

Explore education platforms on NEAR and get some of your own content on them for users to learn about your project in an engaging way
Submit interest to participate in Pitch Events
Let others know about your project; be prepared to connect with VCs
Discover talent to fill open roles and needs within your team

Hire the right people to expand your team and project.