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Learning Resources

NEAR Primer

A fun, casual, introduction to NEAR Protocol and its underlying tech. Learn about NEAR, how it works, and how to build on it.


A freeCodeCamp initiative rolling out courses on NEAR Protocol.

Learn NEAR Club

All-inclusive hands-on onboarding platform to NEAR Protocol – connecting NEAR Ecosystem projects to pro-active community members via (L)Earn method. Supported by NEAR Foundation.

LNC also has some pretty great invite-only offers to help NEAR Ecosystem projects to bring their products to thousands of NEAR users via the LNC for Projects initiative!

  • Earn NEAR by learning about the tech and ecosystem
  • While interacting on LNC, you will receive nLearns, LNC internal points.
  • Both Creators and Learners get rewards in nLEARNs

Near Academy

This resource is aimed at developers with experience in Web 2, who are new to Web 3 NEAR Academy. It's an interactive course that teaches how to integrate blockchain technology with an application. When you complete it, you receive a certificate of completion.

Crypto-immersion Training Course

We are going to take you through a Crypto-immersion Training Course prepared by NEAR Foundation.

These resources are intended to support you as you onboard to Web3. Whether you are starting a business or joining a team, these courses will help you find your bearings in the crypto space. Please take your time and go through each of the 4 courses outlined below. They Include:

  • Web 3 Basics
    • Brief breakdown of common terminology and how blockchain works at a high level
  • Understanding Web3 Bootcamp
    • Take a deeper dive into Web3 in this 6 part lecture series covering the history of the internet all the way to the metaverse
  • An introduction Course for Non-Programers
    • Very simple, high level explanation of Web3 starting with how a computer works to how they combine to create sophisticated networks like blockchains
  • Becoming Crypto Savvy
    • Collection of activities to help you understand and reason about the components that make up Web3

Web 3 Basics

An introduction to Web3, the blockchain and NEAR

What is Web3? What is blockchain? What is NEAR?

Learning Outcomes

A novice new to Web3 will be able to:

  • Describe what a blockchain is in a nutshell
  • Discuss the difference between Web1.0, 2.0, and 3.0
  • Learn about what decentralization is and why it is fundamental to the future of the open web


An introduction course to NEAR for Non-Programmers

An Intro course to NEAR for non-programmers and those new to Web3.

Learning Outcomes

A novice to Web3 will be able to:

  • Confidently describe the idea of the open web
  • Confidently explain broad blockchain concepts
  • Identify core features of any smart contract (view function, change function, etc.) ❤️
  • Discuss identity, governance, and ownership in Web3

NEAR and Far from Any Coding

Becoming Crypto Savvy! Immersion Training Course

Back when NEAR conducted certification courses for aspiring blockchain developers, this collection of resources and activities was the prework required before attending the course. Although, the certification program has been sunsetted, this valuable document will help you really get into the weeds of how smart contracts work.

Learning Outcomes

A technical person new to Web3 will be able to:

  • Create an account on NEAR Protocol
  • Reason about smart contracts
  • Understand the history of Bitcoin and its implications on future economies
  • Learn to see this new world we are now living in

Please complete as many of these core activities as possible before we meet. The more of this you finish, the clearer your picture of our time together will be. Of course, the learning experience will be more fun as well if you are better prepared.

Good luck and have fun!

NEAR Certified Programs - Welcome to Web3 - HackMD

Other Resources

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